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For those who are interrested in playing the Mah-jong game, here is a compilation of rules I could glean here and there.


This is NOT the game you can find on many computers (those where you eliminate pairs of tiles). Indeed comparing this kind of game to 'Mah-jong' is like comparing a patience to the Bridge: that has nothing to do with it except the medium, namely the cards.

There is many rule variants (depending on location) and many ways to count the wins. The document introduced herein is therefore not exhaustive. I did do it just because the rules given with game boxes where a bit concise (an euphemism), indeed crazy.

The more obvious variants are in the way the wins are determined. For example there is a chinese variant where you win 3 point by turn as a maximum...

If you dont want to download the whole document, you can find it in an HTML format at a friend and game partner site: Zabelle.free.fr.

A part of this document is extracted from the web site of Alexis Beuve and Bertrand Le Roy with their kind permission. The sheet used to help counting is also partly from their site.

ReglesMahJong.pdf Description of rules gleaned here and there. French only document
french   Version: 1.0   Size: 1070.7Kb   Posted on 6-aug-2002   Downloaded 152 times
CalculMahjong.zip Excel sheet which helps calculating mah-jong winning by declaring the results of each player. French only
french   Version: 1.0   Size: 21.7Kb   Posted on 6-aug-2002   Downloaded 95 times

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